Tricky Rick

Tricky Rick

Tricky Rick is a space adventure where the main hero Rick has to be very tricky in order to get back his fuel and refuel his spaceship. Tricky Rick came on Earth from another planet, but evil robots stole his fuel and now he is trapped. He will have to think a lot and solve many problems, just to collect the stolen fuel and run away from that place and go onto the next level. Press left arrow key to move to the left right arrow key to move to the right up arrow key to climb up on ladders down arrow key to pick up or leave an item Ctrl button is to throw his head or any other item and temporary disable an enemy and Space Bar to lift up or down an elevator. Be fast and reach the exit in the shortest possible time and get three stars per level. The greatest physic based puzzle game is calling you to solve all 30 problems and fly away in the 31st level.

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Tricky Rick is a free game which can be played at This game have been rated from administrators of with 4.70 stars out of 5.

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