Gun Express

Gun Express

In days of insecurity you have no other choice than to accept any kind of job, where even your life can be in danger. The main goal is to deliver a package which can explode if you do not arrive on time. Controls are by pressing the up arrow key or W button to accelerate down arrow key or S button to brake and left i.e. right arrow key or A i.e. D button to lean left i.e. right. Click with your mouse on potentially dangers items which can harm you, but you can also earn points and proceed time. 10 levels have to be passed to the final delivery and on your way reach various achievements. Avoid or shoot different kind of vehicles, mines, jets, turrets etc., but pick up bonus icons, which make your job easier. Consider four parameters on the top: distance, speed meter, time and score. Do your best and do not allow to be killed!

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