Madman Racers

Madman Racers


The goal of this game is to win the race and be first. If you do front flips and back flips it makes you faster. When you win it gives you coins so you can upgrade your competitor/racer ,but you can also take coins while you are racing. This a fun game to play on a computer or a phone/tablet. You can upgrade your skills with coins , they can make you faster, they can give you a coin magnet or they can make your wheels better. Some of the racers are more expensive, the most expensive racer is 5 million coins and the most cheap racer is 50 coins. Every time you win it opens up another location.

There is a total of 18 locations. Every location gives you a challenge and if you complete that challenge it gives you a bonus. You are racing 5 other competitors and some of them are faster than you, but some of them are not. When you upgrade your racer it gives him more skills. Madman Racing is a super fun game.


Madman Racers is developed by Flash Rush Games


  • 15 madmen characters
  • 6 upgrades
  • 18 different worlds
  • Achievements
  • Medals
  • Fun music and sounds


  • Arrow keys to move and perform flips
  • Z or X key activate nitro


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