Bike Rampage

Bike Rampage

Bike Rampage. You are in big trouble man! The cops are chasing you, while the road is a real nightmare. Now, you must do whatever it takes to escape and overcome all obstacles. Use the arrow keys to steer as follow: press up arrow key to accelerate down arrow key to slow down and left/ right arrow keys are to change lane and move left/ right. Hit Space Bar when you are behind the cop and whip him several times to get him temporary off your back. As faster you ride as faster you will get to the end, but then you will not see the oncoming obstacles on time neither the bonuses, so you may finish infamously. Ride too slow and you will probably stay out of gas before you run onto another gas container, so once again this is not a good speed to ride. The best way is to keep in the middle, collect all bonuses and avoid obstacles on time. There are two kinds of bonuses, the first is a wrench which will repair the Damage Meter and the other bonus is a gas container, refilling the Gas Meter. These two meters are displayed on the left lower side of the screen and are the key for completing the game. Pass the Distance Bar at the top of the screen through three different places and have the best Bike Rampage time ever!

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