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Riding in parks, country walks, racing and freeride are already familiar ways of cycling with adorable two-wheeled horses. However, this was not enough for the most ardent fans and enthusiasts. So there were special games with bikes, in which you can not only train yourself in the saddle, but also rally into a friendly team, learn something new, improve coordination, stretch the brain and get a lot of unique impressions.
What are these games? Now find out.

Each of us wants some kind of diversity, something that goes beyond the usual and ordinary. is ready to help you get a little crazy and look at the world with the eyes of a racer. And not just a racer, but a racer participating in crazy competitions. Believe me, the difference between them is huge. However, you can easily see this yourself. Imagine that you are behind the wheel and literally after a kilometer you will understand that something is wrong. What exactly? Find out for yourself.
Do you enjoy playing free online Bike Games?... Then you are on the right place. Here on Bike Games .biz you will find the thrilling experience. Also this site is perfect for those who take great interest in Motorbike Games. offer a huge collection of BMX Games that are great to play and are throughly enjoyable. And don't forget to come back again , because we are adding a new Bike Game every single day. Let the fun begin !