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Street Sesh 3

Street Sesh 3

Relax dealing and start the adventure named Street Sesh. A unique name for a unique sport game just like this one that what Street Sesh is about! Be a skateboarder and see how far you can get. Press up arrow key to push and down arrow to stop left/ right arrow keys are to turn left/ right. Use the up arrow key and Shift at the same time for nose manual while Shift and down arrow for manual. For grinds- press Space Bar for a board slide and with a combination with the up and down arrow keys- perform nose and tail slide. Collect a combo 2 bonus for a power-up. Z key is for 50-50 grind, while with up/ down arrows for a nose and five o grind. C and X keys are to make other grind tricks. Space Bar, Z, X C and V together with the arrow keys or alone will let you make the most incredible flips and tricks in the skateboarding. For those who love this sport it is gonna be easy as pie, in terms to understand the rules, but what about the real challenge to play it?! It is time for a session in which your mood is instantly up for at least 99 levels, so grab the chance to win!

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