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Street Sesh

Street Sesh

Street Sesh is calling you on an unforgettable street skateboarding adventure. Are you up to the challenge or you will still stand there like that and think about it? Let me tell you, there is nothing to think about, because this is the best skateboarding game out there. Great graphics, even better concept, with couple of words- it is all you need for wonderful spent time. Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to take control over your skateboard and press Space Bar every time you wanna perform an ollie. Perform a kick flip by pressing Z key and 360 flip by using the X key. There will be so many obstacles, which means there will be some blood, so take care of yourself and either way- give your luck a try. Fortunately you have infinite number of lives and you are immortal. As more flips as you perform as more points you will get and it is all about the points and having fun. Which one of these two is more important to you really does not matter, because either way you are playing the best Street Sesh game in the world. Reach the finish, see your final score and play one more Street Sesh!

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