Roadblock Attack

Roadblock Attack

Roadblock Attack is an awesome car racing game for super talented players. You are required to destroy a certain number of target cars. That number is indicated at the upper left corner of the game screen. You will know the target car by the red lights around the driving car. The distance meter at the middle of the up side of the screen indicates how far away the target car is. As you come closer to the target car the distance meter reduces and in the last 1 km you will get a red arrow on your car, pointing the position of the target car. Next to the distance meter is the life bar, which will reduce if you get hit by another car. Fortunately, you can pick up health bonuses on the road and replenish your health. And this is not all. To make the adventure even more exciting you have to drive and maintain your speed between 80 km/hour and 200 km/hour. Drive under or above this speed limit for 5 seconds and your car will explode. Beware of obstacles, they will slow you down. Eliminate all targets to unlock the next level and accept the challenge with more and more targets in the higher levels.

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