Motorcycle Fun 2

Motorcycle Fun 2

Motorcycle Fun - The title tells us what this game is exactly about. It is time for Motorcycle Fun, the most exciting bike game in the world. The control over your motorcycle is by using the arrow keys of your keyboard. Press up arrow key to accelerate and move forwards down arrow key to slow down and reverse left arrow key to lean to the left and right arrow key to lean to the right. You can press two arrow keys at the same time and gain extra speed (with up and left arrow key) and balance on steep hills (with up and right arrow key). Select your bike and begin an adventure all around the world. You can choose between five different types of bikes, starting from a default bike, fast light, slow light, fast heavy and slow light. Some levels are requiring a faster ride and others also fast though with a heavy bike. If you think that you have to change your bike just press P key and go back where you can choose another bike. There are even ten levels and between them you will be challenged to complete a level in a target time or finish it without falling and so on. Take the challenge and go, go, go!

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