Moto Jump

Moto Jump

You are in Vegas to attempt the new motorcycle jumping record by jumping an entire football field.To set the record you will need to complete six consecutive jumps ,starting at 50 yards and increasing every 10 yards until the final attempt of 100 yards.Miss just one and it is Game over .You will have find the right speed for each jump.If you are not going far enough increase your speed.If you go too fast you will overshoot the /You may not need to use all 4 gears for the early /Keep an eye on the wind speedbr /Shift when you are in the red zone.Do not stay too long in the red zone or you might blow out the engine.Make sure to hit your landing at the proper angle .br /Controls :br /Press the UP ARROW to acceleratebr /When you are ready to shift into a higher gear press the SPACE /If You want to down shift press the CTRL key .br / In the air control the angle of the bike pressing the LEFT or RIGHT ARROW .br /Play and have fun with MOTO JUMP Bike Game .

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