Go Robots

Go Robots

Can you help these two robots get into the portals as fast as possible? They really have to get on the other side as soon as possible, because they have only one thing on their mind. The first robot is thinking about his beloved and the other needs to be repaired. Use your mouse to click on different objects and activate them. For an instance: click on boxes to destroy them, on TNTs to activate them, over ropes to cut them and click the robots to make them move and click again to make them stop. There are twenty five levels and some require high intelligence skills, which you indeed already have. If you visit the Walkthrough on the down side of the screen and see the solution, youll probably think that it was easy and not worth visiting the Walkthrough. So, just think about it before ruing the fun. On the left upper corner of the screen are the Retry and Pause buttons, then the number of the current level youre on, your score and on the right lower corner are the music and sound options. After completing a level youll get a congratulation card with your level score, as well as the earned stars and the total score. Here are the minimum points that youll have to earn for getting two or three stars. Now, go robots, go!

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