FMX Suitman

FMX Suitman

You are highly respected businessman and motorcycle racing is your favorite hobby. Usually every one else wear something more casual for racing, but the suit is part of your image and you wear it even when you are on your bike. That is why they call you Suit man. In this game FMX Suitman your task in this adventure is to collect 200 points in first level and earn the crown. Control bike with: up and down arrow key to move forward and backward left and right arrow key to make balance. Complete level where you will collect 50 points. Then click on Buy tutorial on right up corner of your screen and buy a tutorial for certain stunt. That is how you will know which buttons of A, S, D, and W in which order and how to press, to perform an incredible trick. In each next level you need more points to earn a crown, but can collect more points by performing awesome stunts.

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