Alpha Drive

Alpha Drive

Alpha Drive - Take a ride over the alphabet and enjoy the adventure! Alpha Drive is a wonderful bike game, in which you are required to posses great balance skills. The object of the game is to ride over the letters of the English alphabet and reach the exit of the level in order to complete it. Use the keyboard arrow keys to steer your bike. Press up arrow key to accelerate and go forwards down arrow key to brake and move backwards left arrow key to tilt to the left and right arrow key to tilt to the right. No need to be greedy for speed because not only that speed is irrelevant, but if you are riding your bike too fast you can also crash in a jiffy. The most important thing is to keep balance over the craziest letters you have ever seen and collect the star bonuses over the letters. Each star is worth 100 point, so your total score depends of the collected stars. You have ten chances to complete the game, but if you lose them all your progress will not be lost, so you can continue from the last level you have opened. Unfortunately, you will lose your score, so be careful and try to complete all 10 levels during the 10 chances.

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